‘Zoom Dysmorphia grips people; several turns up for plastic surgery

With Covid 19 keeping people indoors and companies and institutions going in for online meetings, people are in the grip of Zoom Dysmorphia, a phenomenon where people tend to look more glamorous in online meetings. This tendency has resulted in people going in for plastic surgery in great numbers so as to look more glamorous in online meetings.

A study in the United States said that more and more people were now seeking plastic surgery only because of appearing in Zoom meetings. And this has made the researchers coin the word “Zoom Dysmorphia”. The study published in Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Journal said that people mainly went for plastic surgery for the nose and wrinkles. .

The authors also noted in the study that people searched “ apne, wrinkles and hair loss” more at the time of Covid pandemic. All these are becoming a reality in the virtual reality and people are increasingly addicted to the virtual sphere.

One of the authors Arianne Shadi Kourosh (Massachusetts General Hospital) said that people are more concerned about their physique that has led people to rush to plastic surgeons.  Before the pandemic, they might have not thought of plastic surgery but the Covid 19 pandemic has changed the perspective. It was the online meetings that have changed the way people think, the authors said.

The study found that more people are now seeking plastic surgery after they now see their imperfections on camera daily. It is otherwise that they mostly see their wrinkles on screen that makes them look more depressed to others and to themselves.

The researchers noted that the theory of online meetings is that people who are also viewers would feel sad for their wrinkles, which could affect their emotions. The authors say that it is self criticism and self comparison that tends people to rush to their physicians.

The researchers also said that Covid-19 pandemic has changed the frequency with which people are confronted with their own image.



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