Youngest Yoga Guru wants to adopt a village



For ten year old yoga expert K Prisha, her wish is to adopt a village and teach yoga to all t6he people so that they can have peace of mind and also increase their concentration.

This young prodigy from Thirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, who has achieved many accolades, wants to spread Yoga. She considers yoga to be a blessing for peace of the mind and also increasing concentration. She wants yoga to be popularised for good, especially for the elderly and the differently abled.

Prisha, who has learned yoga from a very young age, has a record in aqua yoga. She has swum notable distances in various Asanas. She had performed about 16 multiple aqua yoga activities at the age of nine. She has not only won many national awards but also won international awards.

A yoga master, she now teaches yoga to visually impaired children in government schools in Thirunelveli.
Reports have quoted many students as saying that the practise of Yoga has helped them to concentrate more on their studies. They were also quoted as saying that their memory had increased after practising yoga.


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