Wuhan top among Chinese visitors map 


An unexpected turn of events for Wuhan, which is considered the focal point of Coronavirus. The city of Wuhan is chosen as the number one destination by Chinese citizens to travel once the corona outbreak is over.

This was revealed in a study on travel trends at the time of Corona pandemic. Chinese Academy of Social sciences Tourism Research Centre and Tencent Culture and Tourism Industry Research Center held the survey.

They reviewed 15,163 questionnaires, data from more than 20 million social media accounts, and one-on-one interviews. In a dramatic turn, Wuhan overtook Beijing as the top destination. Ahead of the pandemic, Wuhan was in the eighth position among travel enthusiasts. Beijing was on top of the list.

Wuhan is located in Hubei province. This province has become the second most desired province to visit after the province of Beijing. Before the outbreak, Hubei province was not even on top ten of the most desired places.   Apart from Wuhan, some other places such as Shennongjia forest area and Yellow Crane Tower the Hubei also raised into the top 20 tourist spots, the study said.

Some believe that Wuhan was chosen as the people wanted to see the real city which had become so famous world over.


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