Wow 200 million


Cristiano Ronaldo has hit records in the ground. But this time the star footballer and youth icon has created another record of becoming the first instagram user to have crossed two hundred million users. “Wow 200 million!!!” responded the great footballer.

He also thanked everyone for going along with him and sharing the journey every day. He is only behind Instagram’s official account. Singer Ariana Grande is in the third position with 172 million followers and the fourth place is held by actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) with 1780 million followers.

According to a study by Instagram, Ronaldo earns about nine lakh euros for every sponsored post that he makes. And this is said to give the Portugal skipper an yearly income of about 48 million euros which is said to be more than the money that he earns from his club. Lionel Messi is reported to have the second most earnings through instagram of about 23 million euros.

Selena Gomez with 166 million followers is in the fifth position and Kylie Jenner with 158 million followers has the sixth place. The next in line is Kim Kardashian with 157 million followers. While Lionel Messi with 144 million followers is in the eighth position, Beyonce is in the ninth position with 138 followers and the tenth place with respect to followers is held by Neymar with 132 million followers.


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