World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream, Costs Over Rs 5 Lakh Per Serving

Do you know the world’s most expensive ice cream will cost you a staggering Rs. 5.2 lakh? A Japanese company has created this expensive ice cream at such a price, according to Guinness World Records (GWR).


Called byakuya, which means white night in Japanese, comes from brand Cellato. It used rare and expensive ingredients to craft this particular dessert, which gives the ice cream a higher price tag. The main contributor to the high price is the rare white truffle from Alba, Italy, which costs 2 million Japanese Yen (around ₹11.9) per kilogram. ParmigianoReggiano and sake lees are also notable ingredients used in the ice cream.

Cellatowanted to create a unique ice cream by blending European and Japanese elements. They enlisted the expertise of Tadayoshi Yamada, head chef of RiVi, a popular fusion restaurant in Osaka, to achieve this goal.

Reports quoting a spokesperson from the Japanese brand explained that it took over 1.5 years to develop, with a lot of trials and errors, to get the taste right.


Byakuya ice cream has a rich and mellow taste with a sensual and unique scent. The robust fragrance of white truffle fills the mouth and nose, followed by ParmigianoReggiano’s complex and fruity tastes. It is also topped with edible gold leaf for an extra touch of luxury. It sounds like a very indulgent dessert.


La Madeline au Truffe;A chocolate truffle made with rare French Perigord truffle and Valrhona dark chocolate, priced at $250 per piece.

Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans; Natural jelly beans coated with 24-carat gold leaf and packed in a crystal jar, priced at $500 per jar.

Golden Opulence Sundae; A sundae made with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, rare chocolates, candied fruits, passion fruit caviar, and edible gold leaf, served in a crystal goblet with a gold spoon, priced at $1,000 per serving.

Frozen Haute Chocolate; A frozen hot chocolate drink made with rare cocoas, milk, whipped cream, and edible gold, served in a gold-lined goblet with a gold spoon and a diamond bracelet, priced at $25,000 per serving.

Strawberries Arnaud; A dessert made with strawberries marinated in port wine sauce, served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, mint, and a 4.7-carat pink diamond ring, priced at $9.85 million per serving.


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