World saw progress in decrease of child labour

Child Labour Alarming For the Last Two Decades

The world saw a 38 per cent decrease in Child labour in the last decade but still 152 million children are affected. Despite all the progress, the international community and organisations have called for decisive action to reverse this scenario.

The International Labour Organization, which is launching the International year for the Elimination of Child Labour, noted that Covid 19 worsened the situation and much need to be done.

Pointing out at there was no place for child labour in society, ILO Director General Guy Ryder said that it robbed children of their future and kept families in poverty.

Africa had almost half the child labour (72 million children). Asia and the Pacific with 62 million child labour come next.

The ILO is launching the International year for the Elimination of Child Labour in collaboration with the Alliance 8.7 global partnership. One of the main aims is for encouraging legislative and practical actions to eradicate child labour. The ILO, as part of the International year, urged governments to do ‘what is necessary to achieve Target 8.7’. It also asked governments to take urgent and effective measures to eliminate forced labour, human trafficking and end modern slavery. The organisation also wanted to prohibit and eliminate worst forms of child labour, which includes recruitment and use of child soldiers. It wants to end child labour by 2025.

The International labour Organisation pointed out that over 100 million children were saved from child labour in the last 20 years. The number of child labour came down to about 152 million in 2016 from 246 million in 2000. Though the figures have come down, the progress is not even across the regions.

It said that 70 per cent of the child labour is in agriculture sector, especially in livestock and commercial farming. The ILO maintained that almost all the children worked in situations that are hazardous for their health and lives.

The International year will be virtually launched on January 21.


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