World Health Organisation praises India in containing COVID

World See a Rise in Tuberculosis Death During Covid 19

The World Health Organization lauded India for its commitment to combat the deadly coronavirus, which has killed more than 6000 people and infected more than two lakh people in the world.

India reported about 125 cases of the deadly virus and three deaths. WHO representative to India Henk  Bekedam said that the commitment from government and the Prime Minister’s Office was enormous and impressive. He told the media that this was the one reason why India was still doing good in containing the situation.

He said this after holding a meeting with the Indian Council of Medical Research. Bekedam said that they had a good research capacity in India, especially at the ICMR and the Department of Health Research. The ICMR had last week announced that they were able to isolate the new strain of coronavirus.  This is the first step towards the development of drugs and vaccines.

As part of the efforts in containing the spread of the virus, the government has issued orders banning gatherings, closing education institutions, gyms, nightclubs and even weekly markets.

There is also a travel ban from the European Union, United Kingdom, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Philippines.


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