Women Suffer More from Long Covid

Women Suffer More from Long Covid

Is it man or woman who suffers the most with respect to Long Covid? A new study published in the poor-reviewed journal Current Medical Research and Opinion, says that women are significantly likely to suffer from Long COVID than males.

Long COVID is a syndrome in which complications persist more than four weeks after the initial infection of COVID-19, sometimes for several months.

The researchers from the Johnson & Johnson Office of the Chief Medical Officer Health of Woman Team came to the conclusion after analysing data from around 13 million patients. They say that females with Long COVID come with a variety of symptoms including car, nose, and throat issues, mood, neurological, skin and several other disorders,

Male patients, however are more likely to experience endocrine disorders such as diabetes and kidney disorders.

The authors noted that difference in immune system function between females and males could be an important driving sex differences in Long COVID.


As part of the study, researchers restricted their search of academic papers that were published between December 2019-August 2020 for COVID-19 and to January 2020-June 2021 for long Covid Syndrome. Though the total sample size span spanning articles amounted to 1,393.355 unique individuals, only 35 of the 640,634 total articles provided sex disintegrated data in sufficient details about symptoms  about long Covid 19 and how female and males experienced the disease differently.

Though plenty of studies e have examined sex difference in hospitalisation and ICU admission, ventilation support and mortality studfy on the specific condition caused by the virus have been underestimated.

The paper also notes that Male patients were more likely to suffer from renal disorders—those that affect the kidney.


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