Women Liquor Shops in Madhya Pradesh?  


Can women tipplers in Madhya Pradesh enjoy buying liquor exclusively from alcohol shops for them? Earlier reports said that the state government decided to open such shops in the state. However, the government has now denied reports of exclusive liquor shops for women.

Reports said that the government decided to open exclusive liquor shops for women as part of their new liquor policy. This is not the first time that exclusive liquor shops are opened for women in the country. Delhi already has now.

As per earlier reports, the all exclusive liquor shop for woman in Madhya Pradesh will sell whiskey and wine that are popular among female tipplers. As a beginning, two such shops are to opened in Bhopal and Indore. There is also a proposal to start alcohol shops in Gwalior and Jabalpur.

The shops for women are opened as part of Madhya Pradesh government’s new excise policy. The New policy will come into effect from April l. The liquor outlets for women will sell foreign liquor. This means liquor brands not registered in the state will also be available in these liquor shops.

The malls will have the first alcohol shops exclusively for women. The government will also conduct wine festivals in Blopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Indore as part of its promotion strategy.

Madhya Pradesh Excise Minister Brijendra Singh Rathore denied reports, stating that he was not aware of it.


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