Women in India are more prone to Covid deaths



In most of the countries, women have the advantage of protection from Coronavirus than men. But when talking about India, women have less protection from the virus. Though men in the country are more infected, mortality due to Covid 19 in women is higher than men.

One of the first gender based analysis of the effects of Coronavirus in India has shed light that women in the country are at higher risk of death than men. The analysis was done by a group of researchers with the Institute of Economic Growth in Delhi, Institute of Health Management Research in Jaipur and Harvard University in the US. When 3.3 per cent of the women contracting the disease in India were dying, only 2.9 percent of men die because of the virus.

They also found that the difference was noticed much in the age group of 40 years to 49 years. Here 3.2 per cent of the infected women have died due to the virus when compared to 2.1 per cent males. Moreover, they also pointed out that women had only succumbed to the virus in the 5-19 age groups.

The findings are published in the Journal of Global Health Science. The data was based on mortalities till May 20 when the total confirmed cases were 1,12,027 with 3,433 deaths at a case fatality ratio of 3.1 per cent. Among the infected, 73,654 were males and 38,373 were women. The male mortality was 2,165 and female deaths stood at 1,268.

Meanwhile, the analysis of covid cases and deaths in other countries such as Italy, US and China has shown that more men had died than women. It was reported that more death rate is higher among males because of sex based immunological differences and men developing co-morbid conditions at a younger age than women.

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