Women having jobs have better memory: study


Women who work have sharp memory later in their life, according to a new study among the women in the United States.

In the study, the researchers found that the women who had jobs in their adulthood and middle age had a sharp memory when they become old. The researchers analysed nearly 6,200 women in the United States who were aged 55 and older. These women had lesser memory loss when compared to women who had no jobs.

The researchers believe that involving in jobs was a supplement for other things such as memory. Staying socially and physically active will benefit the brain in later years, the researchers thought.

Erika Sabbath, a researcher associated with the study, was quoted saying that there were a lot of cognitive benefits from working. Work involved everything from mentally demanding ones to managing relationships. All these would only do good to the brain, she aid.

The study was published in Neurology Journal. The women participants were tested for memory every two years for a period of 12 years. They found that women who had a job in adulthood or middle aged had a sharp memory. The researchers noted that women who did not work had more than 50 per cent of memory loss than those who worked.

They also found that rate of memory decline was slower among working single mothers than married stay at home mothers. The researchers said that it was quite a surprise that single moms had a good memory in their older times. Single moms who work often face stress and financial hardships. They are also vulnerable to several health conditions such as heart disease.


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