Women has faster aging blood vessels


Women’s blood vessels age faster than those of men of their same age, which the researchers point out could help in treating cardiovascular diseases in them. The four decade old study was done by the researchers of Smidt Heart Institute at cedars Sinai and was published in JAMA cardiology.

Director of Public Health Research at the institute Susan Cheng said that they analysed about 33,000 patients in different communities across the United States. They had followed the patients for more than 40 years and recorded about 1.45 lakh blood pressure recordings. They looked at various issues related to blood pressure such as heart failure, heart attack and even stroke in men and women.

The study also showed that women showed certain changes in the functions of blood vessels in their third decade of their life. In the study, the researchers did not compare just women with men but they compared women to women and men to men. And the studies revealed that woman’s vascular function differed from that of man. It was seen that more men developed cardio issues at an early age. However, it was seen that women showed more signs of Blood pressure elevation much earlier in life than men.

According to the study, a woman with high blood pressure is probably at higher risk for heart diseases than a man of the same age.


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