Women feel more unsafe in Public transport


In travelling, women feel ten percent more fear than men. They feel more fear when travelling in public buses or metros, according to a study.

Ten per cent more of women are more fearful than men on metros. Six per cent of women feel unsafe on buses, as per the study in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.

The study assessed a third of a million passengers from 28 cities across four continents. The study found that the largest difference of safety perception in men and women was in Europe. Twelve per cent more women than men here said that they felt unsafe. The difference was smaller in South America. Here only nine per cent more women said that they were afraid of public transport.

Lead author Laila Ait Bihi Ouali said that unsafe feeling led to social, economic, professional and health issues. In the survey, the passengers were asked about their security, comfort, time, accessibility of transport, environment and a lot more.

The study also said that 45 per cent of women felt safe in metro trains and stations and 55 per cent thought to be safe in buses. However, the study revealed that women were less satisfied than men with the public transport system.


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