Fight For Women’s Equality Gone So Far; Survey

Fight For Women’s Equality Gone So Far; Survey

Almost two in three men agree of inequality between men and women with respect to social, political and/or economic rights.

In a survey by IPSOS, the authors found that though most men acknowledge women face inequality, they (58%) think “things have gone far enough.”


The IPSOS survey found that more than half (55% of men on average globally) believe the fight for women’s equality has gone so far, it is actually led to men being discriminated against. Tellingly, fewer (though still a significant minority) of women also think men are being discriminated against.

On top of feeling discriminated against, many men (59% on average globally) said they are “expected to do too much to support equality.”


While some men feel they are being asked to do too much, just over a third (on average globally) said they are feminists – though only a tiny percentage of men have recently told anyone that.
Women, too, appear wary about outwardly defining themselves with the ‘f’ word as while 44%, on average globally, said they define themselves as a feminist a mere 8% said they had told somebody they are in the past year.


While everyone from activists to business, leaders to politicians wax on about the importance of being a feminist and an ally not only during March but also throughout the year, a fairly significant of both men and women are quite nervous about the possible consequences of speaking out on this issue.


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