AI Aided Technology  Have Negative Impact?

People with artificial intelligence (AI) skills can significantly increase their salaries with a potential increase as high as 40%, according to a recent study by researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute and the Centre for Social Data Science at the University of Copenhagen.

Recently the world has been subject to a tsunami of new ideas and technology regarding AI. Till date those who have been pointing to these changes were derided as conspiracy theorists. But now the change has become mainstream and being projected as progressive development that will lead to a well regulated and disciplined, peaceful society.

Imagine a situation where we have to accept and tolerate the worst of atrocities just to stay alive. Till now we have been proud of our freedom. Now we have to submit to slavery.

The digital prison has arrived. It is a nightmare come true. The 2023 SDG Summit is excited about the implementation of Agenda 2030.

It is time to debate the invasion of technology into all aspects of our lives.


While AI and robots are already a part of society, a digital currency linked to an unique Digital ID to be issued to every individual in the world is being fast tracked. The motive is to regulate income and expenditure ostensibly to enable a universal basic income and combat climate change.

No wonder a humongous unemployment crisis looms ahead as AI and robotics decimate jobs and the banking/ finance sector suddenly becomes redundant with the introduction of the Reserve Bank controlled digital currency.

The social media giants are storing records of members in huge central databases. This and the  surveillance data generated easily reflect the motive of the person who can be classified accordingly. This becomes the social credit score. One’s ability to operate within society depends upon this score.

Activists in social media have already become accustomed to ban and censorship.

Now imagine your Digital ID being subject to the same strictures. It is as easy as flipping a switch.

here is no hiding to the fact that  ones life is  subject to intense scrutiny. The Digital ID is not limited to financial transactions, it extends to assets, and other IDs such as driving licence, health cards, insurance, ration cards, electricity, water, and everything concerning people and their family.


Imagine the level of disruption if one’s  ID is suddenly disabled. The entire family perishes without a shot being fired. Worse, as being pointed out by experts, the AI based system is not error/ bias free. One can fall victim to mistakes.

Things get complicated when the planned epidemic arrives. Then one becomes fodder for yet another exercise. Testing, tracking, isolating, treatment, and vaccination. The population becomes cattle and the coming 15 minute neighbourhoods become cattlesheds.

The world is being converted into the most frightening penitentiary that can ever be devised. One will be within it, or languishing as an untouchable outside it.

Israel has begun using AI for military operations. China is into robot soldiers. Robotic dogs are being displayed in the USA and their value in policing society is being emphasized. Chinese citizen are becoming accustomed to robots keeping an eye on them.

In the literary and education spheres ChatGPT is intruding into intellectual space putting white collar jobs in peril.  India has Al TV Anchors. In Japan and the USA robots are delivering sermons. Nothing seems to be outside the purview of the new kid on the block.

In a press meet the robots while interacting with the media have stressed that they would make better leaders.

(Dr Naresh Purohit is Visiting Faculty-BITS Pilani (Raj) for Hospital Healthcare  System Management Programme. The views expressed here are of the author)


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