WHO warns of a second peak of Covid in countries that relaxed restrictions


The countries where coronavirus infection has shown a decline could face a second peak if the restrictions are lifted all of a sudden, warned the World Health organisation.

The world is still in the middle of the first wave of Covid 19 infection. The epidemics often come in waves and there are chances of outbreaks later this year in places where the first wave has subsided, WHO emergencies head Dr Mike Ryan said. He also warned that infection rates could rise more quickly again if the present precautionary measures are lifted too soon.

Though several countries reported a decline in covid 19 cases, countries in South Asia, central and South America and Africa have reported a surge in coronavirus cases.

Ryan said that a second wave means that the disease would recur, may be, months later after the first breakout. “And that may be a reality for many countries in a number of months’ time,” he said.

He also warned that the disease could intensify at any time. He also noted one cannot assume that the disease is going down just because it has shown a lowering trend in many countries. Ryan noted that the world should be prepared for a second wave.

He also asked countries in Europe and North America to continue to put in place the public health and social measures, surveillance measures, testing measures and evolve a comprehensive strategy.


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