Whatsapp hub to get all Corona information


Whatsapp Coronavirus Information Hub is a place where in you get all information and guidance on the deadly coronavirus. The Hub has is launched in partnership with the World Health Organization, United Nations Development Programme and UNICEF.

Apart from this, Whatsapp has also donated one million dollars to Poynter Institutes International; Fact Checking Network. The Hub gives actionable and simple guidance for health workers, local business community leaders, educators, nonprofit organisations and local governments that rely on whatsapp to communicate. It also offers tips to reduce the spread of rumours.

Whatsapp is also working with the WHO and UNICEF for providing messaging hotlines so that people can use them directly. These hotlines will provide reliable information,

UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said that the spread of the virus could be curtailed to an extent once the up to date information is passed on to local community. Whatsapp will help in getting the real information to pass on from the World Health Organization to its users. Whatsapp’s donation of one million dollars for the institute will support fact-checking for the Corona VirusFacts Alliance.



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