What’s the date?


Queen Elizabeth is known for her witty gestures. The queen was at her witty spirits on the day of her 72nd wedding anniversary. Her wit came out when she was at the Royal Institute of International Affairs for presenting an award to David Attenborough and Julian Hector, BBC Natural History head for the work on Blue Planet series.

At the Royal Institute of International Affairs, she cracked the joke before signing the guest book. Just before signing, she asked the Director of Chatam House Robin Niblett “What’s the date?” .

When he replied it was November 20, the royal monarch replied that she of course knew it. The witty part is that the day was her 72nd wedding anniversary.

As last year, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were not celebrating the day together. While the queen celebrated the anniversary at London, Prince Philip spent the day at Sandringham, Norflok.


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