Water shortage in India to hit Power supply


The power supply in India is in jeopardy with the country facing water shortage, according to researchers in the United States. With all conventional power production having issues, the study from the World Resources Institute called for a shift to solar and wind energy.

In the report “Parched Power: Water Demands, Risks, and Opportunities for India’s Power Sector”, the researchers said that 80 per cent and more of the electricity in India comes from thermal power stations, nuclear fuel and burning coal, oil and gas.

It said that 90 per cent of power plants rely on fresh water for cooling. Moreover, the US researchers noted that 40 per cent of the thermal power in India faced higher waster stress.

The report said that freshwater consumption in thermal utilities grew by 43 percent from 2011-2016. It also warned that 70 percent of thermal power plants in the country would increase competition over water by 2030.

The researchers also pointed out that 14 of India’s 20 largest thermal utility companies experienced one or more shutdowns due to water shortages between 2013 to 2016. It also said that 19 of the 20 companies would see an increase of water consumption by 2030. The increase is likely between three percent and 28 percent.



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