Water Metro to change the face of Kochi

‘Water Declaration’ For Growing Water Stress

Stating that Water Metro is the realisation of the vision of sustainable transportation through ecological balance, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that it is a safe and efficient green transport system accessible to all.

Water metro to connect ten islands in Kochi and boost tourism

The Chief Minister said while inaugurating the Kochi Water Metro on Monday, February 15. The Water metro will connect ten nearby islands in Kochi. He also mentioned that connecting the islands to the heart of the city was a huge leap forward in the tourism sector. The Water Metro would also improve the living and working conditions of the islanders, he added.

Chief Minister Vijayan said that the waterway would extend to Kochi Info Park and Smart City. the Navigation boats are fully electric. They will not cause environmental damage,  he said. Water Metro has become the first diversity friendly system in the country using floating jetties, Vijayan noted.

Water Metro to improve living and working conditions of islanders

The Kochi Water Metro has a total of 78 boats and 38 terminals. In the first phase,  he construction of 16 terminals will take place. The Chief Minister inaugurated the Vyttila and Kakkanad terminals on Monday.

He said the aim of the Integrated Urban Water Rejuvenation and Water Transport System is to make the six main canals in Kochi accessible to the rivers around the city. Apart from the waterway, the Chief Minister also inaugurated the construction of a housing complex for the rehabilitation of those who lost their homes and land for the project.

He maintained that the Left Democratic Front government would also take steps to ensure socio-economic security for the rehabilitated. He also mentioned that the Panankutty Bridge, which was scheduled to be completed in 22 months, was completed in 15 months.



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