Washable face masks from Anna University


Masks are in huge demand now with no let up in coronavirus. A time when most of the drug stores in the country have run out of masks, the Anna University claimed to have developed reusable face masks.

The mask made of polyester pile fabric is also cost effective. The Department of Textiles in the Alagappa College of Technology (affiliated to Anna University) said that the face masks are washable up to 20 times.

The team at the College used many materials to make the mask,. But at last they zeroed in on polyester pile fabric. The fabric has good filtration capability, they said. These are also breathable and washable, they said.

The cotton based face masks retain moisture and will be wet. But the face masks made from pile fabric does not absorb moisture and remains dry.

The University has supplied a sample batch to the Health Department. They hope to start the production at the earliest.



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