Walnuts give healthy ageing for women


Women in their fifties and sixties who take at least two servings of walnuts a week will have a healthy ageing when compared to others, according to a study.

“Healthy aging” as the researchers say is longevity with no major chronic diseases, physical impairments and cognitive issues and a sound mental health after 65 years of age.

The researchers from Bordeaux Population Health Research Center (France) conducted the study. The Aging Research journal recently published the study.

Francine Grodstein (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, US), who led the study, said that they evaluated chronic diseases like heart attack, cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes.

About 34,000 women in the US Nurses’ Health Study took part in the study. The study analysed mental health, memory concerns and physical limitations. In a previous research held by Francine Grodstein, walnuts were found to have a positive impact on reducing the risk for physical impairments and cognitive decline in aged people. They also found decreases in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.



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