Vera Muller at 104 is the oldest in US to survive Corona

Vera Mueller is 104 years old. This Minnesota woman has become one of the oldest survivors of coronavirus. She came out of the disease just two days after her birthday, her son Bob Mueller was quoted in the media.

Vera Mueller lived at the Sauer Health Care home in Winona, Minnesota, for 13 years. She was diagnosed with coronavirus on March 25. During the isolation period, her family would visit her window and cheer her up with photos and signs. The family also talked to her on phone. However, they could not talk for a longer period as Vera found it difficult to breathe.

As she was in quarantine and the no allowed at Sauer Health Care, Vera’s family could not attend the birthday celebrations. However, the family visited the church and rang 104 bells in memory of her 104 years.

Bob said that the family was a bit worried about her during the period. However, he said that Vera fought against the disease and came out of it. He said that a lot of people apart from her family were praying for her.

He also said that was great relief to see when she was shifted to her room from the place of isolation. She was moved to her room on April 6.


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