Vatican now has a woman football squad

Vatican now has a female football team

Vatican has come up with its first ever woman football team. The team that has all the blessings of Pope comprises mainly of woman staff working in Vatican along with the wives and daughters of other staff members.i

The debut match for the Vatican women team is with AS Roma on May 26. The Vatican has a men’s team for the last 48 years and it was after all these long years that Vatican had given nod for a women’s football team.

Pope Francis is an ardent football fan. He had been supporting women in every way and as such this new initiative is seen an extension of this. Te team is managed by Susan Volpini, Woman’s secretary at the Vatican.

Quite impressed over forming a new women’s team, Danilo Zennaro , who is a sports representative in Vatican, said that it doesn’t matter if the team loses in a huge goal margin but it is the spirit of participation that matters.


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