UP Chief Minister’s love for Kalu

Kalu yogi Adityanath


Kalu, the black Labrador of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is not just a pet dog but is now an internet celebrity. The social media has now been flooded with the picture of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath patting his black Labrador.

Kalu is known to be very close and found of Adityanath. Whenever the chief minister visits Gorakhpur, Kalu will never give his side of him. He can be seen to be overjoyed and jumps around Adityanath.

On the love between Kalu and Adityanath, Goraksh temple office in charge Dwarika Tiwari said that the Chief Minister was found of Kalu and they were always together whenever Adityanath was in Gorakpur. They are quite inseparable, he added.

Kala was brought to Goraksh temple in 2016 from New Delhi. Adiyanath was given the dog by a devotee in the national capital soon after his earlier dog died. Though Adiyanath left to become the Chief Minister in March 2017, three months after Kalu was brought to the temple, there was much love left between the two.

Adityanath is known to be found of dogs. He had a pet named Raja Babu, which had died before Kalu was taken as gift. Kalu is pure vegetarian. He drinks milk and eats roti and other foods prepared in the temple.


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