Unlike earlier reports, Youth are not safe from Covid 19  

When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

The youth, who were considered to be safe from the coronavirus, are not that safe. The study showed that gap between the youth and the older generation is narrowing.

The revelations have come from a study held by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). It is a public research university in San Francisco, California.

They said that 8.7 hospitalisations per one lakh of the population for the 18-to-29 age bracket were recorded in the week ending April 18. It was 128.3 per lakh of the population for patients over 65 years of age. However, by the week ending June 27, 34.7 hospitalisations per one lakh of the population for the 18-to-29 age group were recorded. And in the case of patients above 65 years, it was 306.7 they pointed out that there was a 299 percent increase in hospitalizations for young adults when compared to 139 percent increase among older adults.

The study was done on about 8,400 men and women who were in 18 to 25 age group.  They said that the overall “medical vulnerability” was 33 percent for males and 30 percent for females. They pointed out that smoking surpassed other less common risks,

The researchers looked into heart conditions, asthma status, diabetes, obesity, immune conditions, liver conditions and smoking for 30 days. They also included e-cigarettes, tobacco and cigar use.

In the study, they concluded that smokers were 100 percent vulnerable for severe COVID-19. They noted that medical vulnerability stood at 16.1 percent for the 6,741 non-smokers, versus 31.5 percent for the full sample of 8,405 young adults, which included smokers.



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