Unemployment leads to more child hospitalisation

A Wide Fund Gap in Child Protection

Does unemployment lead to hospitalisation of Children? Yes, it is true. A study in the United States, if believed, said that every one per cent increase of unemployment led to a two per cent of increase of child hospitalisation.

The researchers noted that the increase of child hospitalisation was for several reasons such as poisonings or diabetes. They said that they saw a four per cent increase in child hospitalisation for substance use, two per cent of increase for poisoning and burns.

The researchers pointed out that more  children with diabetes get hospitalised  once the family income gets reduced. Moreover, a poor wallet could also increase the risk of poisoning or burns. Unemployment may also increase drug use and alcohol use, the study added.

The authors remarked that further study was needed to see how to bring down the stress level in children when the family is in financial constrains.

The US National Institutes of Health funded the study. Health Affairs journal published the research.

The study was based on data collected from Colorado, and Washington, North Carolina, Iowa, Florida, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Nebraska, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah and Vermont



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