UN wants 21st century to be century of women equality


Stating that gender inequality is fundamentally a question of power, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that the 21st century should be the century for equality of women.

He said that women’s inequality was a shame in the 21st century as colonialism and slavery were a stain in the last centuries. The secretary general said that women’s inequality was not only unacceptable but also stupid.

Guterres said that misogyny is everywhere from ridiculing women as hysterical or hormonal and judging women based on their looks. The women are also victims of mansplaining and victim-blaming. He mentioned that power was at the heart of all issues. Male dominated society underpins everything from national economies to political systems, he added.

He said that power was the basis of gender equality and men guarded  power for centuries. The UN Chief mentioned that abuse of power damaged the communities, economies, environment relationships and even health. The Chief stressed the need for transformation of power. All men should support women’s rights and gender equality. he added. The secretary general pointed out that patriarchy system had an impact on men and boys and trapped them in rigid gender stereotypes.

The United Nations Chief said that demolishing gender inequality will transform the world. He also said that this was a critical in solving several issues like conflict and violence and other issues.



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