Umbrellas for corona social distancing


Social distancing is the best way to break the chain of Coronavirus. In a novel way, a panchayat in Kerala is using umbrellas for keeping people apart from each other. The Thanneermukkom grama panchayat in the coastal Alappuzha has mandated that people who step out of their homes should carry an umbrella.

The panchayat said that two umbrellas opened and not touching each other can ensure that the people are maintaining the mandated social distancing. Finance Minister Thomas Issac who is a representative from the district tweeted; to enforce physical distancing, Thaneermukkom GP in Alappuzha, mandates that everyone hold umbrella when they go out of houses. Two opened umbrellas, not touching each other, will ensure minimum distance of one meter from one another. Umbrellas distributed at subsidized rate.”  He also posted a photo along with the tweet of people carrying umbrellas.

The panchayat has taken the initiative as part of the break the chain umbrella programme. As per the programme, the panchayat will distribute   about 10,000 umbrellas at subsidised rates.

Thanneermukkom panchayat president P S Jyothis told the media that they have urged the people to step out of their home with an umbrella. Umbrellas protect from sun and rain. Now the people are asked to use it as a protection from coronavirus, she said.

Thanneermukkom panchayat is one of the hotspots in the district. The panchayat will also give two masks along with one umbrella.


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