Ukraine War: Humanitarian Needs Continue To Grow

Even after a month, there is no end in sight to the Russian-Ukraine war, which has raised a humanitarian urgency unheard in European history. Despite the UN figures putting the displaced at more than 10 million, what is the actual number of people who needs humanitarian assistance? The UN calculates it to be more than 13 million, including the more than 10 million displaced within Ukraine or to other countries as refugees.

With no clear picture still emerging as war is still raging in the country, the actual figures are still missing. Moreover, the people who are internally displaced also matters, which could take the graph of actual displacement to a much higher level.


Visiting Ukraine for the first time since the war, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi called on the international community to provide sustained support to the millions of civilians impacted by the fighting. “The speed of the displacement, coupled with the huge numbers of people affected, is unprecedented in Europe in recent memory.” Grandi said.

“Forced to flee extraordinary levels of violence, the women and children y have left behind their homes and often their families, leaving them shocked and traumatized. The protection and humanitarian needs are enormous, and continue to grow. And while critically urgent, humanitarian aid alone cannot give them what they really need — and that is peace.”

Grandi who held meetings with Ukrainian Government officials said that he was deeply impressed by the humanitarian leadership and response from all levels of government in the country. He also reiterated UNHCR’s commitment to stay and deliver for the people of Ukraine: in neighbouring countries, and inside their country.


“The entire humanitarian system is doing everything it can to reach people in need throughout the country, but the safety of aid workers and civilians receiving assistance must be guaranteed. This is a fundamental principle of International Humanitarian Law which must be respected. Lives are depending on it,” he said.

Grandi also appealed to the international community to provide even greater resources to the humanitarian response. “The support and solidarity shown so far by donors, neighbouring countries, and private individuals from around the world has been remarkable,” he said. “But the needs here in Ukraine are growing and the international community must continue to stand with Ukrainians in need.”


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