Ukaraine War; Are Americans Willing To Enlist In Foreign Armies? 

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Even as the United States is not for sending troops to Ukraine, are the Americans willing to join the Ukraine Military as part of foreign armies? Some US citizens have already enlisted in the International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine, a group of unpaid, non-Ukrainian Volunteers who want to fight against Russia.


When talking of willingness and allowing US citizens to voluntarily enlist in foreign armies, a YouGov Survey found that most 56 per cent of the Americans supported it. Meanwhile, 40 per cent of the people who were part of the survey held March 10-11, said that this should only be allowed only if the foreign army is not fighting against the US. Meanwhile, 18 per cent was against this.


No country will recruit foreign fighters for this conflict in Ukraine. The US government has also warned Americans against travelling to Ukraine and fighting alongside their forces in part because of the national security and legal implications of Americans being involved in the war.


Meanwhile, the survey noted that about 50 per cent Americans supported allowing US citizens to volunteer to fight in the Ukrainian army. Americans who have served in the military themselves are even more supportive (68 per cent say this should be allowed), as are Americans who are 65 and older (64 percent support this).

More Americans say that people from the U.S. volunteering to enlist in Ukraine’s army would help (43%), rather than hurt (9%) the country’s resistance. About one in five (19%) do not think American volunteers would make a difference in the war effort, and 29% are uncertain. Americans with a military background (57%) and retirees (55%) are the most confident that this would help Ukraine’s resistance.


The International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine or the Ukrainian Foreign Legion is a military foreign legion military unit of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine, created by the Government of Ukraine at the request of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to fight in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine said that more than 20,000 volunteers from 52 countries have volunteered to fight for Ukraine. On March 14 2022, the Ukrainian government gave a breakdown of volunteers by nationality:

  • United States: 31%
  • United Kingdom: 18%
  • Germany: 6.8%
  • Canada: 4.7%
  • India: 2.8%
  • Unspecified percentage: Croatia, Denmark, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland.


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