UAE screens 37%, India tests just 0.77% of population for Covid-19


India, ranked third in the world with over 7.69 lakhs of Covid-19 cases, has still a lower death rate and infection rate than many countries. But at the same time, the number of tests carried by India also is one of the lowest in the world.

United States, which has reported 31.58 lakh cases and over 1.34 lakh deaths, ranks first in infection rate with 9542 cases and 407 deaths per one million population. But it has done 3,94,79,437 tests. It has tested 11,925 in every one lakh people. That means, it has tests almost 12% of its 33.10 crore population, according to an analysis of the data available at the data tracker

Brazil, ranking next in the number of infections, has done 44,68.829 tests. It has done tests on 2102 persons for every one lakh. The country with a population of 21.25 crore has screened over 2% of its population.

Russia, having a population of 14.59 crore, has done tests on its 14.93% of people with an average of 14931 tests per one lakh population. The country has reported over 7 lakh cases and over 10,000 deaths.

India has done a total of 1,07,40,832 tests with a average of just 778 per one lakh population. With one of the lowest test rates, India has just screened less than 1 per cent of its 138 crore population.

India’s rate is abysmally low in comparison to come countries like UAE which has screened 37% of its nearly 1 crore population. With over 37 lakh tests, the country has done 37,603 for every one lakh population.


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