UAE-based Aries Group of Companies provides Ventilators to Kerala


Aries Group of Companies has come forward to extend a helping hand to Kerala by provoiding ten ventilators to the south Indian state to meet any eventuality in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

U.A.E based Aries Group’s CEO Dr. Sohan Roy made an announcement to provide ventilators for the patients. Even though Kerala is doing an impeccable job in disaster mitigation already, the medical world will come to a standstill if the scarcity of ventilators arises.

“Patients are going to need ventilators more than food in this stage of pandemic. If the number of patients hikes at this rate, we will face the deadly reality of experiencing a scarcity of ventilators real soon. Aries Group will be doing our part by providing ten numbers of ventilators to 10 districts of Kerala. I request other corporate companies to step up and do their part comprehending the real depth of the situation.”

His other announcement was “Support a Family” drive to support 2000 needy families.

He has asked each of the company’s employees to try and support one poor family and take up their responsibility during this crisis period. This campaign was majorly launched considering the hardships daily wagers will have to endure during this lockdown period.

Aries Group has been playing a major role in supporting the evacuation of students and individuals who have been stuck amidst this crisis. Aries Group has always played a major role when it comes to CSR activities.

The company has a remarkable history in helping people cope with turns of unfortunate events, both natural and man-made. When Kerala flood took a toll on people’s lives, the advanced rescue operations and disaster coping mechanisms carried out by the Aries Group had gained much recognition and acknowledgment. Being the founder Chairman of Indywood Billionaires Club, he has been setting a remarkable example for others from the Billionaire community to extend their valuable contributions as well.


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