Two languages disappear every month: UN

Uni language

The United Nations has said that two indigenous languages disappear every month. With 15 per cent of the poorest people on earth indigenous, the United Nations has said linguistic diversity was essential for preserving common heritage, which is critical to its survival.

Noting that indigenous language should have to be preserved, President of the General Assembly Muhammad-Bande said that at least one indigenous language disappeared from the face of the earth every fortnight, which means two languages vanish every month.

He also mentioned that there were only 4,000 surviving indigenous languages, which was spoken by just six per cent of the total population.

Mentioning that indigenous languages are beneficial for acquiring knowledge on food processing, herbal medicine and even settling disputes within communities, he said that the death of an indigenous language meant the loss of a significant part of the identity of the people who speak these languages.
Bande said that the United Nations was committed to preserve indigenous languages and asked the governments to take measures to preserve such languages. He also said that schools had a major role to play in preserving the languages and asked for incorporating these in school curricula.,

Meanwhile , Oscar nominated actor and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Indigenous people Yalitza Aparicio said taht the parents should never forget to teach their children their indigenous language as it formed the base of everything. She also said that no one should be ashamed of his or her roots and never forget his or her mother tongue.


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