TV, the most preferred news source

Television dominates as the primary news source (75 per cent) in European Countries and the older generation glue to the TV sets for  any development, political and other newes, according to a new report from the IPSOS.

 In the Eurobarometer survey conducted for the European Parliament, the IPSOS said that 72% of respondents recall having recently read, seen or heard about the European Union, either in the press, on the Internet, television or radio. 57% have recently read, seen or heard something about the European Parliament. The IPSOS also points out in the report that public TV and radio stations are the most trusted news source in the EU (49%), followed by written press (39%) and private TV and radio stations (27%). 


With respect top topics, national political interested the people most. European and international affairs (46%) is closely behind, on a par with local news (47%). For primamry news source, when 75 per cent relied on Television, 43 per cent looked at online news platforms. Meanwhile, 39 per cent looked at tuned to radio, 26 per cent looked at social media platforms and blogs. The written press comes in fifth place with one out of five respondents (21 per cent ) citing newspapers and magazines as their primary news source. Younger respondents on the other hand are much more likely to use social media platforms and blogs to access news (46 per cent  of 15-24 year-olds vs 15 per cent  of 55+ year-olds).The IPSOS also found that 88% of respondents get at least some news online via their smartphone, computer or laptop. 43 per cent  of respondents use the website of the news source (e.g. website of a newspaper) to access news online, and 31 per cent  read articles or posts that appear in their online social networks. Accessing news posts via their online social networks is even more important to young people, (43 per cent  of 15-24 year-olds vs 24 per cent  of 55+ respondents).Another finding is that 70 per cent of those who access news online would use only free news content or news services online.


In te survey, IPSOS says that the people trust traditional broadcast and print media more. This also included their online presence, more than online news platforms and social media channels. Whether it is via their ‘native channel’ or their online presence, 49% of respondents expect public TV and radio stations to give them truthful news, followed by the written press, selected by 39%. On the other hand, private TV and radio stations are cited by 27% as a trusted media source. Poland stands out as the only country where private TV and radio stations are the most trusted news source. In an even more radical shift away from traditional news sources in general, respondents in Hungary mention “people, groups or friends followed on social media” as their most trusted news source.


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