Safety of Tourists need Improvement In India

The safety of tourists visiting India must improve, as many fear crime in major centres and as roads to remote nature-based destinations are often treacherous, according to the latest OECD report.

In the report – Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2023: Reviving Tourism Post-Pandemic, the OECD said human resource development is crucial, as employees who feel they lack opportunities for career advancement are prone to quitting.

India’s approach to tourism is based on Swadesh Darshan, or the integrated development of theme-based tourist circuits, and on Prasad, which focuses on pilgrimage destinations to provide religious tourist experiences and spiritual wellness. Wildlife tourism is developing but needs better integration of local communities, the organistion said.


The OECD analysis finds that and India stood up well to the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and a global economic slowdown.

In India, GDP growth for 2023 is projected to be 5.9%, due to weak external demand and high borrowing costs, while inflation will need to be monitored closely. The agricultural sector has seen an increase in agricultural yields and a continuation of minimum support prices for various products. India will also benefit from an improved investment climate brought on by a reduction in corporate taxes, and new incentives for tax compliance, it said.

Moreover, it said that India was cautuious as the war in Ukraine escaled. India started to use export controls to secure necessary supplies for households. It imposed export bans for wheat and broken rice, and an export cap for sugar. The country also introduced price caps for many essential pharmaceutical products.


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