Too much Salt weakens immunity

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Too much salt is not good as the saying goes. Five grams of salt a day is enough for an adult. And if this is increased, then he is going to invite viruses and bacteria. Researchers have now found that too much salt in the body will weaken the immune system. The findings are published in Science Translational Medicine journal.

For the study, the researchers fed mice with salt and found that the mice were bitten with several bacterial infections. This showed that more salt in the body only weakened the immune system.

This was then experimented in humans. Those who ate an additional six grams of salt per day showed immune deficiencies.

The World Health Organization has recommended five grams of salt a day. The researchers claimed it was the first time that it was proved that excessive salts weakens the immune system.

They said that they counted 100 to 1,000 times of disease causing pathogens in the liver and spleen of the mice that were given high salt. They said the study found excessive intake of salt in humans also resulted in increased glucocorticoid levels.



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