Tomato extracts to treat gastric cancer!

Tomato extracts can help in the treatment of stomach cancers, according to a study published in ‘Cellular Physiology’.

The researchers said that extracts of Corbarino and San Marzano tomato varieties inhibited the growth and cloning behaviour of malignant cells. They analysed whole tomato extracts.

Oncology Research Centre of Mercogliano researcher Daniela Barone said they found that whole tomato extracts impacted key processes within the cells. These hindered the migration ability and arrested cell cycle through modulation of retinoblastoma family proteins and specific cell cycle inhibitors, they said. All these process led to the death of cancer cell through apoptosis, Barone said.

Gastric cancer is the most common type of cancer. Genetics, eating habits and Helicobacter pylori infection are related to this cancer. Various tomato components counteract tumour growth, according to studies. But only few studies have analysed the effects of tomatoes in their entirety, the researchers said.



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