To help Corona victims, Ireland Prime Minister once again wears Doctor’s garb


Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has once again adorned the garb of a doctor to work with the health workers in his country in the wake of spreading coronavirus epidemic.  He re-registered as a medical practitioner and will work one shift a week.

Varadkar worked as a doctor till 2013. He was in the medical professional for seven years before becoming the Prime Minister. He became the country’s youngest Prime Minister in 2017. He comes from a medical family. Many of the family members of Varadkar is in the medical profession.

Varadkar will help out with phone assessments. Health Minister Simon Harris had called out to the health workers and also started a recruitment drive after there was a surge in coronavirus cases.

About 5,500 persons have been infected in Ireland with coronavirus. The country also saw about 175 deaths till now. The cou7ntry is in lock down with schools, offices and other institutions closed.



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