Tika Utsav has wide acceptance among people


Nearly 38 lakh vaccination doses were administered till the second day of Tika Utsav or vaccination festival in India. The cumulative number of Covid vaccine doses administered in the country crossed 10.82 Crore on April 12, the Health Ministry said.

The Ministry said that an average of 45,000 COVID Vaccination Centres (CVCs) is functional on any given day.  The day saw 71,000 CVCs operational, marking a rise of an average of 26,000 operational Vaccination Centres.

Most CVC were operational in the private work places. The first day of Tika Utsav also evoked good response from the people. As on Day 87 of the vaccination drive (April 12, 2021), vaccine doses administered in the country stands at 10,82,92,423. These include 90,32,665 Healthcare Workers (HCWs) who have taken the 1st dose and 55,56,375 HCWs who have taken the 2nd dose, 1,00,68,531 Frontline Workers (FLWs) (1st dose), 48,91,565 FLWs (2nd dose), 3,41,01,749 for over 45 years old to 59 years old (1st Dose), 7,55,197 for over 45 years old to 59 years old (2nd dose), 4,16,45,168 for above 60 years (1st Dose) and 22,41,173 for above 60 years (2nd Dose) .


India’s daily new cases continue to rise with 1,68,912 new cases registered in the last 24 hours. Ten States – Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Kerala. Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan – show a rise in the daily new cases. These ten states accounted for 83.02 per cent of the new cases.

Maharashtra reported the highest daily new cases at 63,294. Uttar Pradesh followed Maharashtra with 15,276 cases while Delhi reported 10.774 new cases. India’s total Active Caseload reached 12.01.009. Ii now comprises 8.88 per cent of the country’s total Positive Cases.

Meanwhile, the country’s cumulative recoveries stand at 1,21,56,529 today. The National Recovery Rate is 89.86 per cent.



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