Three lakh Britons quit smoking amid pandemic

Why Some Smokers Not Develop Lung Cancer?

For smokers who want to quit, there is good news from the United Kingdom. About three lakh Britons quit from their habit of smoking this Covid Lockdown season. This has come out in a survey held among the smokers in Britain.

The Survey said that about five lakh Britons tried to quit smoking. It said that 2.4 million have cut down the numbers. The UK arm of YouGov’s international Covid-19 tracker did the survey in collaboration with Action on Smoking and Health.

They conducted the survey in 1,004 people of which two per cent has now quit due to Corona Lock down. Among them, eight per cent said they were trying to quit and 36 per cent claimed they cut down the numbers.  Twenty seven per cent said they were now more likely to quit. A quarter of smokers who quit said they were less likely to resume smoking

Action on Smoking and Health chairman Nick Hopkinson said that there were evidences that smoking was associated with worse outcomes in those admitted to hospital with Coronavirus. Hopkinson is a respiratory specialist at Imperial College London.

The doctor said that quitting smoking reduces risk of other health issues such as heart attacks and strokes.

Meanwhile, founder of the #QuitforCOVID campaign on Twitter, Bristol GP Charlie Kenward, asked people to stop smoking amidst pandemic. He said that people can improve their overall health if they quit smoking. He also maintained that there was no better time to quit the habit.

The UK government is aiming to end smoking in England by 2030 as part of its measures to address preventable ills.



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