This Father, Son duo stands out for humanity

Mohinder Singh, Inderjit Singh

Northeast Delhi was on fire last week and about 40 people lost their lives. When people lose faith in such situations, people like Mohinder Singh and Inderjit Singh stands out for helping their Muslim neighbours out of danger.

New Delhi witnessed wide spread violence in the name of Citizenship Amendment Bill. In the midst of the riot, the father and son duo transported about 80 of their Muslim neighbours from Hindu dominated area of Gokalpuri in Northeast Delhi to Muslim locality of Kardampur.

Mohinder Singh, the father used a scooter and his son Inderjit Singh used a Bullet to transport the Muslim neighbours.

Both the father and the son made about 20 trips in one hour to transport the Muslims. They said they only saw people and not Muslims or Hindus. Mohinder said that they felt that everyone were their brothers and sisters children. He said that riot reminded him of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.


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