Think positive, seek only facts; WHO

When the world itself is under tremendous pressure to contain coronavirus, lots of negative news is pumped into the society. Most times you will be confused on what to believe.

With more stress in the population over negative news, the World Health Organisation has come up with several measures to overcome this.

The WHO has asked to minimise reading, watching and listening to news that makes you feel anxious or distressed. The World Organisation has asked the people to seek information only from reliable sources. It has asked to take practical steps to prepare and protect oneself and the family.

The world Health organisation pointed out that updates on information could be sought once or twice a day. It says that gathering information at regular intervals is good. The constant stream of reports about an outbreak could make one feel worried.

Prompting to seek only facts, the WHO said that one should not go after rumours and misinformation. The World organisation says that all facts and information could be got from its website.

The World Health Organisation said that one should find opportunities to augment positive thoughts.


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