The spirit of Durga lives on….

Pic by Minakshi Singh

She (Durga) was a blossoming young flower. Her comely face; her ardent looks, her poise and grace, her amiable gestures, her soft lilting voice made her truly bewitching.

She was tormented, despised and burnt in the pyre of disgrace. She was looked at with contempt. Though the fire of this anguish is no longer visible, the cinders that she had suppressed in her bosom she kept alive and burned from her head to toe.

All along is longed for solace- a warm smile, a gentle touch of a loved one but never expressed her emotions. She kept her trauma to herself and surrounded herself in silence. Until…

Her anguish shattered her silence. Her inner self awakened. She became aware of her entity and claimed her identity.

Now she has realised her power. She now looks into the eyes of her tormentors with vengeance only to find then petrified. Her soft murmurs have become louder than the roar of the lion of Goddess Durga. Her tormentors who are like the demon Mahisasur will be demolished by Goddess Durga.

She Is Durga in the real sense now. She has the courage to break all shackles that bound her and
open the doors of the cage that imprisoned her.

Truly the spirit of Durga lives on…


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