The Monster truly roars

The Monster truly roars

By Anand Venkitachalam

You can always know what to expect when a Magnum album drops, and as usual you are always in for grand time.

The English hard rockers released their 22nd studio album on January 14, 2022, titled ‘The Monster Roars’. The album is very consistent with Magnum’s style with regards to sound and quality.

In spite of such a metal sounding title and album cover, this is just pure Magnum, meaning pure hard rock, laced with their brilliant sense of melody, punch and grit in the guitars with a brilliant as usual guitar tone, awesome musicianship, and open, top notch production.

Coming with a selection of beautifully crafted epic songs, the veteran rockers have brought it all to the table. Another part is the lyrics, which this time seem to carry a sort of political overtone, though that may only make it better. The duo of Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin have worked out a wonder once again, for just like all the previous releases this decade, this is one quality release capable of matching their 80’s albums.

With such power in their later years, the rock veterans know how to deliver the goods, be it the bombastic opener that is the title track, or “Remember” and “I Won’t Let You Down” which carry the flavour of modern Magnum.

The more dynamic pieces on the album are “The Present Not The Past”, “No Steppin’ Stones”, “That Freedom Word” and “Walk The Silent Hours”.

Formed in 1972, Magnum has been going for over 50 years, though the passage of time hasn’t made Magnum tired, dull or plain. If anything it has made them fresher for they have merged their original 80’s sound with a more modern sound and it is just amazing.

While there are a few stand outs do not be mistaken, for every song here is masterfully crafted, packed with energy, passion and sure to make you want to repeat this album. As such there is very little to say except that this is one brilliant piece, and this is sure to entertain even non rock fans while veteran rock fans are sure to be thrilled by this.

Highlights: “The Monster Roars”, “Remember”, “The Present Not The Past”, “That Freedom Word”, “Walk The Silent Hours”, “ Come Holy Men”.

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Source: UNI


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