Textile industry in Kerala to get a facelift


Aimed at developing the textile sector, Kerala has come up with a Textile Commission with the state Textile Minister as Chairman.

The commission has been formed for a coordination of the various sectors in the textile industry, including handloom, power loom cooperative societies, spinning and weaving mills in the public sector. The commission will also facilitate in the cooperation among all the sectors from thread production to the finished product.

It will also help in bringing together an understanding between the production centres and business establishments in the state.

The Handloom and Textiles director will be convenor of the textile Commission. Industries Principal Secretary, representative of the power loom sector nominated by the government, representative of the handloom sector nominated by the government, chairmen of the apex organisations and an expert in the textile industry nominated by the government are the other members of the Commission.

Apart from the coordination of the various sectors in the textile sector, the commission will also be responsible for advising and coming up with various projects on the development of the sector.

The commission will give importance to bring all handloom projects under one master plan, ensure quality of the products , coordinate with the activities in the wholesale centres, organise training programmes for the employees, envisage new programmes for market intervention and coordination of the power loom mills in the state.

The government hopes to bring in a drastic change in the textile industry in the coming years.


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