Tears to treat tearless


Tears have been proved to be effective in treating tearless condition of the eyes.

A group of researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago, have found that an antibody in the human tear has been found to be effective in treating dry eye disease. They claimed that Anti- Citrullinated Protein Autoantibodies (ACPAs) found in human tear fluid have shown to be effective in curing dry eye disease.

The patients on whom the ACPAs were given have shown much reduced symptoms and signs of the dry eye disease, the researchers claimed in the study that was published in Ocular Surface journal.

As of now, only two types of drugs are available for treating dry eye condition. And these drugs are not seen to be effective in every one. The researchers claim that the people with dry eye disease may not be worried as the human antibody was very much effective.

Though the research is only in its initial stage, the researchers are much confident that ACPAs would give the best results. The study was conducted in 27 patients, who were divided into two groups. One group was given eye drop with the human antibody and the other was given eye drop without the antibody.

Dry eye is said to be a common eye disease that affects a much larger population around the globe. It is a condition when tears do not provide the needed lubrication for the eyes. Burning sensation in the eyes, stringy mucus around eyes, eye redness, sensitivity to light and eye fatigue are some of the symptoms of dry eye condition.


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