TB diagnose to be cheaper

The diagnosis and testing of Tuberculosis is still out of reach of many people, especially in the rural region because of the complications involved in it. TB is diagnosed through Nucleic Acid Amplification Test or NAAT, which was yet to reach the rural pollution as it involves costly equipment.  However, there is good news from Bangalore n India where two young scientists have developed a simple technique, which could be even taken to the rural parts, for diagnose of the most deadly disease.

Dr Bhushan J Toley and Navjot Kaur from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, have been credited with developing the technique that is cost effective in testing TB. The device developed by them is also based on NAAT but works on a method called Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification.

The machinery is a blister-pack kind of assembly that helps in easy storage and transportation. The readings in the DNA are taken using a low-cost Ultra Violet torch to detect fluorescence response. The researchers have tested this devise in about 30 patients and the results were most welcome as they showed cent per cent accuracy.

In the test, the DNA samples of sputum are placed in the discs and are incubated for about an hour. The top layer is then peeled off after which the fluorescent material is added. The Ultra Violet activates a green coloured fluorescence in infected samples.

Though the devise has given good sensitivity and accuracy results, the IITians say that more research was needed for its improvement and additional value.


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