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Game-Changer: Tata ‘s Curvv SUV Coupe Hits the Roads

Tata Motors, renowned for its innovation in the automotive world, is set to disrupt the SUV market with the introduction of the Curvv, an SUV Coupe that stands tall above the Nexon, marking a remarkable first for the automaker. In this exclusive review, we delve into the production-ready Curvv, exploring its striking features and performance prowess.


In its production form, the Curvv retains the captivating essence of its concept, showcasing a distinctive coupe-like styling that sets it apart. While some details have been refined, the vehicle’s high ground clearance and sleek flush door handles contribute to its modern allure. The front fascia, reminiscent of the Nexon EV, takes on a more aggressive stance with a captivating light bar. Moving to the rear, a full-width LED light, subtle spoiler, and clean design emphasize the Curvv’s unique presence on the road.


Size-wise, the Curvv confidently positions itself above the Nexon, boasting a length of 4308mm, a width of 1810mm, and a wheelbase of 2560mm. This SUV Coupe exudes sophistication with a low and wide profile, accentuating its commanding presence. Noteworthy is the substantial boot space of 422 litres, enhancing its practicality for daily use.


Stepping inside, the Curvv’s interior mirrors the futuristic concept, featuring a digital-centric cabin design that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. Premium offerings include a panoramic sunroof, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), a 360-degree camera, and a digital instrument cluster paired with a large touch screen. Expect nothing short of premium materials, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable driving experience.


The Curvv debuts with a 1.5L diesel engine, delivering an impressive 115ps and 260Nm through its four-cylinder unit. Mated to a responsive 6-speed manual gearbox, this powerhouse ensures a dynamic and engaging drive. For eco-conscious enthusiasts, an electric vehicle (EV) version is also in the pipeline. While the petrol variant, previewed in concept form at the Auto Expo 2023, remains on the horizon, the diesel Curvv promises to be a formidable contender in the 4m plus SUV segment, challenging the likes of the Hyundai Creta.

In conclusion, Tata’s Curvv SUV Coupe emerges as a game-changer in the automotive landscape, seamlessly blending style, innovation, and performance. As it gears up to compete with established rivals, the Curvv stands poised to redefine the SUV experience, setting a new standard for the discerning driver. Stay tuned for the unveiling of Tata’s automotive masterpiece that is bound to leave an indelible mark on the road ahead.



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