Tarapur turns 50


Tarapur power plant, which is the first Atomic Power Plant, completed 50 years on October 28. Popularly known as TAPS, its operation began on October 28, 1969 from the industrial area of Boisar in Thane district of Maharashtra

TAPS is at present the second most powerful Atomic power station in the country. It was built under the 123 agreement between India and the United States of India. It initially started with two boiling water reactors. Later the Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor units were commissioned. The reactors have a power generation of about 1400 MW, which is second to Kudamkulam Power plant that has a capacity of 2000 MW.

The national Thermal Power Corporation Ltd operates the Tarapur Power Plant. The fuel for the plant was earlier supplied by the US but after the 1974 Pokhran nuclear test, America stopped the supply. France, Russia, and China now supplies the fuel under the IAEA safeguards.

The contract for the construction of TAPS was signed with the US in 1964. After five years the plant became operational on October 28, 1969.


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